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History of the Covered Bridge Garden Club

Since 1964 women of the Valley Forge, Pennsylvania area have been involved in The Covered Bridge Garden Club. 

Over the years our garden club has developed activities that educate and support home gardening and the horticultural experience for our club and members. 

The Covered Bridge Garden Club supports horticultural and gardening programs in our area including:

  • The historic Diamond Rock Schoolhouse on Valley Forge Mountain
  • Christmas Trees at Phoenixville Hospital 
  • Valley Forge Park Alliance

Our Giving History


Valley Forge Mountain Assoc.  $125

Valley Forge Park Alliance  $381  In kind donation of 2 new pottery containers planted with summer native plants at the Stevens Farmhouse.


Open Land Conservancy  $100

Valley Forge Park Alliance  $485  In kind donation of Fall & Winter plant replacements for large containers at temporary VFNHP Visitor Center

T&E Cares member gift card donations  $450


St. John’s Lutheran Church  $100

Natural Lands $285

Valley Forge Park Alliance $176  In kind donation of summer plantings for 4 large containers at the temporary VFNHP Visitor Center

St. Mary’s Franciscan Shelter member gift card donations


Valley Forge Park Alliance $500

Diamond Rock Schoolhouse $100

Montgomery Co. Coop ext. $50

Easttown Library memorial gift $50

Good Samaritan Food Closet $50

Philabundance memorial gift $50

Home of the Sparrow member gift card donations


Valley Forge Park Alliance  $600

Diamond Rock Schoolhouse  $100

Montgomery County Coop Extension $100

Phoenixville Hospital holiday tree decorating $61

St. Mary’s Franciscan Shelter member gift card donations


CC Open Land Conservancy $500

Diamond Rock Schoolhouse $100

Camphill Village at Kimburton Hills $100

Montgomery Co. Coop Extension $100

Phoenixville Hospital tree decorating $52

Phoenixville Women’s Outreach memorial gift $75

FLITE memorial gift  $70

Colon Cancer Alliance memorial gift $50


Diamond Rock Schoolhouse $100

Phoenixville Hospital  Approx. $50 In kind donation for holiday tree decor

Tredyffrin Historic Preservation Trust Adopt A Log program $500

Phoenixville H.S.- J. Schlicternlein memorial scholarship $100

St. John’s Lutheran Church-memorial gift  $30

Save Our Monarchs $25


Diamond Rock Schoolhouse $600

Phoenixville Hospital  Approx.$50 In kind donation for holiday tree decorating


Diamond Rock School House $100       

The Barn At Spring Brook Farm $500 


Diamond Rock School House $100

St. John’s  UCC Community Gardens $150

Maysie’s Farm Conservation Center Scholarship Program $250 

Diamond Rock Schoolhouse
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